Tuesday, 14 June 2011

One handed crafting...

I can't believe it is the middle of June already... I also can't believe I thought I would be back on top of things and sewing properly again.  However, in spite of the heightened level of chaos a new baby has brought, the enforced quiet (! - still might be more appropriate) feeding time has had an unexpected effect.  Not only have I managed to read a dozen books since he was born, but I have also discovered I can crochet and nurse at the same time. 
I was inspired by a new craft magazine I found by chance - MollieMakes... www.molliemakes.com ... proper craftyporn for those of us who just like lots of pretty pictures to look at.  Learning to crochet was on my 'things to do in 2011' list, and when I saw the sunflower blanket I knew I had to work out how to do it - sharpish.  This is my first attempt... we'll see how it grows...

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  1. oooh! gorgeous colours - does it have any friends yet? do post :)