Friday, 28 January 2011

My name is Jen, and I am a fabric addict

Despite the lack of somewhere to work, I seem to have several projects on the go at the moment.  As is often the case I've been inspired by fabrics I wasn't planning to buy, and patterns I wasn't particularly looking for.  

Most exciting though, is the dress I am planning for Lauren; I had been planning to use some shot satin type fabric, but when I saw this beautiful printed cotton I knew I had to get some (this is also why I have a massive blanket chest of fabric in my dining room, I often *have* to get some of something...).  It will be a simple, classic design - a sleeveless, long-ish summer dress with a ribbon round the waist (I would also quite like to knit a matching short-sleeved wraparound ballet style cardigan to go with it, but I knit VERY slowly).  The design is still in my head and needs to be put to paper but photos will definitely follow in time.  This is what I love most about sewing - I see some fabric, I can picture in my head what it could look like in a garment, and then I can make it.*

*when I have somewhere to work again!    

This is Miriam's nappy bag, work in progress

Summery seersucker for the ringsling I am making for myself.  I will also make a sling for Lauren to carry one of her baby dolls.  I've already bought the rings, I just need to dig out some fabric for her sling.

Some gorgeous printed cotton which caught my eye when I was looking for something else.  I'm going to use it to make a dress for Lauren to wear this summer to weddings.

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  1. oooh all so lovely! I think i have a wrap around cardigan pattern AND some sublime bamboo / cotton mix in 'pomegranate'... may even have some time too :)